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“Man made borders not to limit himself, but to have something to cross.”

― Anonymous


I was originally trained in Economics and Philosophy (B.A. double major, cum-laude, Honors in Philosophy) at Yale University where I also had the opportunity to rigorously study Chinese as a Richard U. Light Fellow. Upon graduation, I pursued my graduate studies in Peking University in Chinese Philosophy (M.A. cum laude, Exceptional Thesis Award, Outstanding International Student Award) over a span of three years as a CGS Scholar. Currently, I am an Ertegun Scholar at the University of Oxford where I am reading for a DPhil in Chinese Philosophy (Oriental Studies) under the supervision of Professor Dirk Meyer.


Within Philosophy, I am mostly interested in issues of epistemology, metaphysics, mind, and language and have studied the questions and answers raised within these fields by Western and Buddhist thinkers alike. Currently, my DPhil project looks at issues of Chinese epistemology viz-a-viz the structure and arrangement of knowledge. As a member of Professor Roger Ames' 'Translating China' Project, I am also conducting translation work aiming to make available the best of Chinese scholarship to the English-reading audience. 


I was raised in a Greek-Italian home based in Athens, Greece. I am native in Greek and Italian, fluent in French and Chinese, proficient in Japanese, and conversational in Spanish.

Website under construction coming soon !

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